Dance Performances

We will perform dance routines will not only resonate with all your guests but will also captivate and amaze everyone present.

Flash Mob

We will teach a little bit of the dance and encourage everyone to dance along with us to participate in the fun!


We will choreograph specified pieces for you that are fine-tuned, highly creative and guaranteed to entertain  your guests.



Canvas Dance Company is a diversified, energetic, creative and vibrant dance company located and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are expert performers of creative and upbeat dance genres and we serve various cultural programs, charity events, and private parties all over the San Francisco Bay Area.


We specialize in Bollywood, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, and Latin Dances, however, we focus on fusion of various dance genres and not be monotonous. We learn and perform dance pieces that are perfectly bespoke to your event, needs and we also take your specific requests into consideration in our performances.


Our vision is to erase the existing boundaries in dance styles by fusing multiple styles together in order to create a unique dance piece that will cut across all genres and touch every musical background.



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